Basic training in NLP, you will learn


  • The origins of NLP, its postulates and its applications
  • The characteristics of eff ective communication
  • The levels of change
  • Sensoral representation systems (visual, auditory and kinesthetic) and the paths to access these systems
  • The neurological functioning to better understand your own model of the world and that of others
  • Verbal and non-verbal synchronization to establish a connection with a person or group
  • Calibration techniques to develop your sensoral acuity
  • The decoding of verbal and nonverbal language
  • The meta model, a specifi c and refi ned model of accurately collecting and
    ransmitting information
  • Verbal reframing techniques to transform your perceptions and enlarge your choice of repertoire
  • The characteristics of associated and dissociated states
  • Anchoring techniques to set up resource states and access your inner strengths
  • A structured approach in defi ning concrete, explicit, motivating and accessible objectives

Consult our Basic Training in NLP flyer in electronic format.

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