Coaching and change

May 12, 13 and 14, 2017 with Sid Jacobson, Ph.D.


This course provides a framework for analyzing problems and contexts, designing appropriate states for creativity and change, developing solutions and testing and implementing those solutions. The Solution States Model is applicable any time there is a problem to be solved or a change to be made, in any context.

Within the framework itself there are multiple places to apply NLP skills and concepts, for optimum results. Beginning with the professional coaching relationship, we look at the client context and what needs to change within that context. We also analyze the level on which the change needs to occur and the type of problem that exists. All this is done within the client’s personal considerations, including identity, relationships, needs and goals, and past experiences, skills and knowledge. We will take the skills and knowledge you have, at whatever level, and further develop and apply these to actual issues during the training. All practice will be functional and directly applicable to the needs of the “clients” within the training. This will include rapport development, active interviewing and information gathering, exploration of the processes holding the system stable, as well as solution state development along with actual solutions, and more. This will be a great way to integrate knowledge and skills, and develop a road map for continual learning and development.

You will learn to:

  • Understand NLP & the Cognitive Neuro-Sciences: Rapport, states & change
  • Increase your perceptiveness to much higher levels
  • Use the SPACE Model for interviewing, analysis and planning
  • Explore the deeper meaning(s) of homeostasis, change, and the change processes
  • Take a broader view of resources and how to access them
  • Use NLP in all forms of problem solving and solution design
  • Apply the Solution States Model to coaching practice
  • Include all aspects of problem solving and change management in coaching
  • Coaching in the larger context: family, company, community

Dates: May 12, 13 and 14, 2017
Duration: 3 days
Hours of training: 9:00am to 5:00pm
Location: 4848 Papineau, Montréal
Investment: $675 + taxes
(Deposit: $150)
Prerequisites: NLP Basic training

0.75 Continue Education Units (CEUs) are provided for this training.

capture-d_ecc81cran-2016-09-08-acc80-15-12-55Sid Jacobson, Ph.D.

Director of the South Central Institute of NLP New
Orleans, coach, author and trainer. He has worked as a researcher, trainer and consultant for professionals, hospitals, schools, clinics, businesses and professional athletes. Currently, Sid is an international consultant and trainer, offering his services to the largest companies in the world. He holds a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and a Masters in Social Work and is a recognized expert in the application of NLP to education and training.

capture-d_ecc81cran-2016-09-08-acc80-15-18-11Sid is the author of five classic books and co-author of another, as well as numerous papers and articles on NLP. His latest book aims to help parents teach their children how to learn (Teaching Learning: Helping Your Kids Gain the Learning Skills They Will not Get Taught in School).

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