Corporate training and coaching services


Helping others reach their potential since 1985

Together, we can implement positive attitudes and sustainable solutions within your organization. Our goal is to guide you in the achievement of your objectives by contributing to the personal and professional development of your human resources.

Our interventions are designed to meet your needs. Our trainers are experts in communication and have much indepth awareness and solid professional experience with current organizational issues.


logo-clients2.jpgOur steps in helping you attain your objectives:

1. Clarification of your needs

  • Help with clarification of your needs
  • Preliminary offer of services

2. Elaboration of your development plan

  • Validation of your needs
  • Formulation of a detailed offer of services
  • Validation of organizational, relational, pedagogical and logistical aspects and joint approval of the offer of services

3. Realization

  • Deployment of planned activities
  • Contact between your organization, the trainer and our team
  • Adjustments to the evolution of your needs

4. Follow-up

  • Assessment of activities
  • Follow-up interview with trainers
  • Implementation of new activities as needed

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