Customized training, inspirational and effective leadership

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Developing inspirational leadership

  • Exercising inspirational leadership, tailored to the needs of your team
  • Creating and communicating your vision as a leader
  • Discovering and practicing the three pillars of leadership: alignment, maturity and creativity
  • Developing your presence and charisma as a leader
  • Developing a solutions-oriented leadership

Female leadership

  • Differentiating male leadership from female leadership
  • Knowing and relying on the 5 female personality traits that positively influence organizations: altruism and empathy, recognition, exemplariness, inspiration, participatory decision-making
  • Identifying pitfalls and taking the brakes off of female management
  • Understanding the limitations that we impose on ourselves and overcoming obstacles
  • Increasing our visibility and self-awareness in a male environment

Recognition at the workplace

  • Knowing the reasons why recognition has a great impact on people
  • Knowing how to distinguish the four major fields in which recognition can be exercised
  • Being able to identify the obstacles of recognition at the workplace
  • Knowing the pitfalls to avoid and the risks that may be encountered in a recognition process
  • Knowing what to do before a person that we find difficult to recognize

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