Customized training, interpersonal communication


Communicating effectively

  • How to build trustful connections and quality relationships
  • Increasing our listening and observation skills
  • Understanding the characteristics of effective communication
  • Knowing the filters that influence communication
  • Adopting a clear and meaningful communication for all

Meeting the challenges of human relationships in everyday life

  • Being clear about our differences and better situating ourselves within our organization
  • Knowing how to positively adapt to change
  • Mastering daily interpersonal negotiation
  • Learning to say “no” with solutions and to say “yes” with conditions
  • Acting in accordance with oneself while considering professional constraints

The art of public speaking

  • Designing, structuring and planning a presentation or training
  • Rapidly creating a verbal and non-verbal rapport with the audience
  • Developing quality presence
  • Using your voice effectively
  • Improvising and dealing with the unexpected

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