Customized training, personal development in the workplace

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Stress management

  •  Recognizing stress factors: avoidable and unavoidable
  • Defining one’s stress profile to identify positive and negative triggers
  • Being able to transform pressure into positive and creative energy
  • Changing mental representations and mobilizing our resources to be more serene
  • Integrating the best strategies for managing stress

Emotional intelligence and self-confidence

  • Being aware of the impact of emotions on communication and interpersonal relations
  • Understanding the importance of developing emotional intelligence in the workplace
  • Managing the emotional impact of collaborative situations
  • Four emotional keys to develop: self-confidence, empathy, positivity, and intuition
  • Helping collaborators express their emotions while managing our own

Creative and intuitive intelligence

  • Acquiring reflexes to develop our intuition
  • Recognizing our intuitive process to make decisions rapidly
  • Using our intuition to overcome resistance to change
  • Learning to trust our intuition to take good risks
  • Applying Walt Disney’s strategy to advance current projects

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