Customized training, cohesion of work teams

Optimizing teamwork

  • Providing ourselves with a clear understanding of our responsibilities as manager in relation to the development of our team members
  • Mobilizing the team within common values
  • Identifying the team’s maturity level
  • Identifying and mobilizing individual talents
  • Understanding the meaning of resistance to change

Coaching our colleagues

  • Developing life skills and expertise of the manager
  • Delegating to develop autonomy
  • Developing our emotional management skills
  • Recognizing the importance of taking our own needs into account in order to increase our personal effectiveness and our influence on others
  • Consolidating our management position and our ways after having clarified our values, aspirations and personal needs

Conflict Management

  • Positioning ourselves with respect and clarity to successfully resolve conflicts
  • Knowing our style of relationship in harmonious situations and seeing how it evolves in situations of conflict
  • Analyzing different types of conflicts: structural, inter/ intra-group, relational
  • Mastering our emotions and managing stress-related disputes
  • Using mediation tools: reasoning, refocussing, communication, questioning, listening

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