Guillaume Leroutier, CRHA, Director of CQPNL-Certified Training and Coaching

guillaume-anglaisAs Director of CQPNL, Guillaume oversees the company and directs his team with heart. He is a graduate in Anthropology (University of Laval, Québec), a bilingual professional certified life and corporate coach since 1997 and NLP trainer since 2005. Guillaume served as President of the SICPNL (International Society of NLP Coaches) from 2008 to 2010 and has been a Certified Human Ressources Professional (CRHA) since 2002. Guillaume has been employed as a coach and trainer for a number of organisations, such as RAMQ, Hydro-Québec, Microsoft, Desjardins, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Wildlife, the City of Québec and the New Brunswick Academy of Leadership. Guillaume is committed to the development and knowledge of coaching and NLP, with respect to their concrete applications in both personal and professional lives. He helps individuals reveal their potential. His vision is to contribute to building a world where individuals are maturity required so as to work in teams, to build and succeed together.

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