Maryel Sauvé, certified NLP Coach and Trainer

maryel-anglaisBilingual, professional certified NLP educator and coach, and supervisor to future coaches. Maryel pursues her passion for communication and development of human potential. She is a graduate in business administration from HEC (University of Montreal), in NLP and in Integrative Body Psychotherapy (IBP). With over 10 years of experience in sales and team management in companies operating in the banking, technology, and medical service industries (Bank of Montreal, The Bay, Xerox, US Surgical, Mr. Scully Productions), she has acquired much in-depth knowledge regarding corporate issues. Maryel coaches and provides training in NLP, emotional intelligence, intuitive intelligence and female leadership to business leaders, employees and various teams (RAMQ, Olymel, Mapei, Gereso). Maryel also practices life coaching. She is commited to helping others reach their full potential. She teaches communication tools and tools of change, and accompanies individuals or groups in the achievement of their goals. Spontaneous, sensitive and passionate, her approach is precise and inspiring.

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